What you’ve got to know

Look this infographic over.  What skills do you think most employers and teachers thought were important 20 years ago?  Mastery?  Following instructions?  Good writing?  Strong vocabulary?  All those required that students sit at a desk and master given knowledge.  These skills require a lot of interactive work, thinking, processing and creativity.  No wonder you (secretly) “play” on your computer when you think you ought to be studying for an exam?

Why it’s important

In a linked world, problems migrate from social to political or environmental or digital.  These links cross national boundaries.  Read this blog on the need to have skills to solve complex problems

Try it

In your group

Make a list of starter/ basic skills youth would need to:

  1. Learn to use digital communications to share insights, ideas and solutions.
  2. Collect data from their community about local problems (such as water, youth unemployment, school drop-outs) (videos, data collection methods?).
  3. Work with a group to decide what needs to be gathered and shared (maybe posting info?)
  4. Basic skills for digital sharing with the community (and, later across communities)

Send Ilon your group’s list on the group app

Later, we’ll combine these and work to get a core list

Unit 1a: New 4th IR learning goals