At Bayoom Hub, we intend to be a world leader in collective, sustainable, learning-culture.

We’re about collective learning: At Bayoom Hub, we believe that a community’s best asset is the ability to grow its own knowledge. But, in today’s dynamic, globally linked world, that knowledge comes from creating networks that combine the local context with what is known about changing global circumstances. This is a learned skill that involves both collective learning and technology.

We’re about sustainability: But knowing local contexts isn’t enough to create a sustainable model of development. Good ideas don’t always make sustainable models. Using the notion that knowledge is a valuable resource, we built our model to benefit the communities, the people who engage with the model and the world. We all know that knowledge is sometimes its own reward… we built knowledge rewards into our design from top to bottom. We also recognized that the world benefits from understanding what makes for stable communities. Our expert research combines and culls the patterns across communities, across venues, and finds global patterns. We can also dig far down into communities for insights gleaned from local knowledge.

We’re about the learning-culture: Culture matters. Humans learn in social contexts. Of course, some specific learning can be gleaned straight from books or the internet article source. But complex and dynamic systems (disease spread, climate change, governance) require combining knowledge and perspectives from many sources. Learning culture comes into play. Each culture has its own collective learning culture and each will adapt to a virtual collective learning environment in a different way. We are all about studying this process and building Bayoom Hub around these learning process – and how they evolve.