Bayoom Hub (BOH) works with communities and global agencies to support sustainable development.

Communities are the drivers of their own development and bring critical
knowledge to bear on the dynamics of sustainability.



Making sustainable and meaningful change means  incorporating local context and empowering communities to value their participation in building connections to larger contexts: regionally, nationally and globally. Local stability in education, governance, health, economies, and civic participation builds the framework for global stability.


Project Goals

Bayoom Hub builds projects that:

  • Link partners throughout the world;
  • constructs environments where new knowledge integrates communities and global resources;
  • use global knowledge-sourcing to link global/local knowledge construction;
  • create environments where “top-down expertise” is on par with local contextual input; and,
  • facilitate the personal growth of all participants – community members, BOH members and members of partner organizations.

Projects that incorporate communities and are engaged in building and sustaining their own development contribute to global stability. We move beyond top-down project designs where solutions are imported into communities. Read more the projects we design or engage with have particular characteristics:

Within communities, we view community building as central to the framework and design of the project. We build knowledge networks which are centered around community knowledge and collaborative learning. Such knowledge is not limited to traditional knowledge but extends to new data, understandings and applications that help communities adapt to dynamic circumstances. The networks extend community resources, influence and participation beyond the community.

At a global level, we help bring community-based knowledge to bear on global issues. This knowledge is a continuing resource for the world at large.  Helping communities produce, organize and spread their knowledge is also a resource for their own sustainability. In doing so, we increase both global and community repositories of knowledge.


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