Our approach is to build global value by increasing the resiliency of local communities. We do this using the logic of social media networks – knowledge economics. But, in this case, the communities help develop, design and make decisions about their data and how it is used to meet their challenges. The following narrated video shows how this is done.

In 2015-2016, we did a pilot test in Zambia of our model.  Using the advise of local people, we decided to test the model using schools as a community organizing unit.  We worked with two schools and five teachers in each school to upgrade their qualifications.  As an evaluation, we had an independent evaluator do interviews of four of the teachers, three teachers in the same school, but not part of the program and also the headmaster (principal).  The following video begins with a slide show to put the video clips in context.  Then it presents clips of the participants talking about their perceptions of changes in their relationship with the community. Participants refer to “GKI” which was the pilot test name of BOH.


This is an introduction to Bayoom Hub’s concepts, structure and operations.


Lynn Ilon gave an introduction to Bayoom Hub’s primary idea in a Ted Talk in 2013 as the team was beginning to work on the idea.