UnitSteps in building a course for teaching youth digital skills
IntroductionIntroBuild your own network with your classmates to use in this class
1New 4th IR learning goalsDecide on basic skills the youth will need to learn
2Collaborative workDecide on structure of how they’ll share and work together
3Empowering community systemsLink your course objectives with an overall vision; develop a link between youth vision and community empowerment
4Knowledge buildingAnalysis of each type of person who is participating – how to build-in incentives
5Flipping the classroomPlanning your syllabus
6Elements of a moduleIncorporating content that is engaging and uses many learning styles
7Group workHow will you work together as a group?  How will you evaluate the quality of the content and work toward really good modules?
8Posing problemsMatching vision, problem solving and content.  Building project goals into group activities.
9Structuring contentDesign learning environment to take advantage of inherent knowledge rewards
10AccessibilityStructuring the course for low-resourced environments
11Group interactivityWorking with the youth


Syllabus: Design 1