Course Introduction

What you’ve got to know

Why it is important

Watch these two videos by a Harvard professor who brought this type of learning to the forefront:

Try it

  • Create a network with your classmates of this course.  Use any software/ apps you like.  Be sure to publish how to email each other and either pick an app where you can call each other, or put in phone numbers
  • Be sure someone invites the professor (Lynn Ilon) to the site
  • Each of you share something you really found useful or fun that you learned from the internet.  Share the links, either find a review or write down why it is useful for you.  Possibly make a short video of you discussing it, showing it, or sharing with your friends
  • Post it to the site.
  • Make a post of which hints/ apps/ ideas did you think you might use.  Were some/all new to you?
How to Create a Module